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S’mores Cups

S’mores Cups are an excellent summertime dessert. I think they’re great as a dessert not only for a regular dinner with the family, but also at a summer barbecue, Fourth of July party, or any other get together in the summertime. S’mores are the ultimate in campfire food, and who doesn’t like s’mores? That would be my oldest, Samantha. She won’t go near s’mores whenever we have a fire in the backyard. But, even though Samantha can’t stand regular s’mores, she really likes this dessert.

If you’ve never heard of s’mores, they’re a marshmallow that’s roasted from a campfire sandwiched between two graham crackers with a piece of a chocolate candy bar on the inside. The hot gooey marshmallow melts the chocolate and sticks to both of the graham crackers, and it’s eaten right away. They’re delicious and kind of messy. It’s a flavor that’s related to summer, going camping or being at a campfire.

The S’mores Cups are a dessert made in a mini-muffin pan, so they’re nice and small, one or two bites. Unlike regular s’mores that really need to be eaten right away, the S’Mores Cups are just as good after a day or two and will last for about a week if you store them in an air tight container.

The base of this dessert is the graham cracker crust with a rectangle of chocolate from a candy bar on top. Above the chocolate is half of a big marshmallow that gets a little soft and slightly melts with the chocolate and graham cracker crust. Then as a final touch, the top of the marshmallow gets dipped in melted chocolate.

I preheated the oven to 350F and got started on the graham cracker crust. I put some butter in a saucepan over a low heat, then put my graham crackers into a gallon size plastic bag and smashed them with a meat tenderizer until they were fine crumbs. I poured the crumbs into small mixing bowl with a little powdered sugar and the butter that by now was melted, and stirred it together. The graham cracker mixture was crumbly and I divided it into the mini-muffin cups. I put 1 1/4 teaspoon into each cup.

My next step was to form the graham cracker mixture into cups in the mini-muffin pan. To do this I used both of my thumbs, pushing down and to the side. The crust is shallow and won’t go up the entire side of the cups. Next I put the mini-muffin pans in the oven for four to five minutes, until the edges were bubbling.

While the crusts were baking in the oven I unwrapped two of the chocolate bars and broke them into their rectangle pieces. Then I took a sharp pair of scissors and cut each of my large marshmallows in half. When the graham cracker crusts were done baking and still warm I placed one chocolate piece in the center of each cup, followed by one marshmallow piece on top of the chocolate. The whole idea is to do this when the crusts are still warm so the ingredients will just start to melt together.

My next step was to put the mini-muffin pans back into the oven for just a minute or two, so the marshmallows get a little puffy and soft. It’s important to really pay attention to the marshmallows during this step because they can go from perfect to destroyed in a matter of thirty seconds. I only know this because I’ve done it!

I was making this dessert with my youngest daughter Mackenzie a couple years ago for her gymnastics party and the marshmallows got over cooked. They weren’t so bad that we had to throw them in the garbage, but they just didn’t look pretty. We decided to just cover them entirely with chocolate, and they went over really well at her party. It was an important lesson for Mackenzie and I. Seconds are crucial when working with marshmallows, and when making desserts, just bury your mistakes in chocolate.

Now that the marshmallows were soft and puffy, just starting to brown on the top I pulled them out of the oven and let them cool off for fifteen minutes. You can even let them cool off longer if you wanted. The final step is to carefully remove the S’mores Cups from the pan and dip the top of the marshmallow in melted chocolate. I’ve found that by very gently using a butter knife on the edge of the crust I can pop them out of the pan.

Then I break up the remaining two chocolate bars into a small microwavable bowl and microwave the chocolate for twenty second intervals, stirring in between each twenty seconds. And finally, I carefully grabbed each S’mores Cup by the crust and dipped the very top of the marshmallow into the chocolate.

I think they taste great with the warm melted chocolate on top so I’ll serve them right away if possible, but if you’d rather eat them with hardened chocolate on top they’ll need to sit for about forty minutes.

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