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Slow Cooker Quinoa Enchilada

Image20001211This is a slow cooker recipe that I made this past Sunday. My wife had to work all day and it was my childrens’ last day of summer break. We needed to have dinner at a decent time, but there was a lot I had to get done with my kids. We had ducks by the river we needed to feed, a park we had to visit and a bike ride we wanted to go on. I didn’t want to cut this day short by having to go home and make dinner.

I spent fifteen to twenty minutes of my morning putting this Slow Cooker Quinoa Enchilada together while my kids were still watching television. Because of that I was able to walk in the door with my children just minutes after my wife got home and serve dinner.

I’ve talked about this before how I love using a slow cooker, but it’s the truth. My wife and I also use the slow cooker during the week on days that she has to work so we can walk into our house that smells delicious and have a warm home cooked meal that’s ready to eat.

The first thing I did was warm up my cast iron skillet to cook the ground beef. You may be wondering why I would brown the ground beef if I’m going to cook it in the slow cooker for several hours. Yes, technically I could put the ground beef into the slow cooker raw, but after the ground beef is fully cooked in my skillet I drained the grease before I put it into the slow cooker. If I were to put the ground beef in raw, that oil I drained would end up in the finished product and the meat would be clumped together. Now if I was cooking meat that was not ground up like chicken breast or a pork chops I would put it into the slow cooker raw.

While I was browning the ground beef I rinsed the quinoa and the black beans. I had to use a very fine mesh strainer for the quinoa because the pieces are so small. Then I diced the half onion I was using and the orange sweet pepper. With all my ingredients prepared I was ready to put it together as soon as the ground beef was done.

I drained as much oil as I could from the beef and dumped it into the slow cooker. Next I added the rinsed quinoa and black beans, the entire bag of frozen corn, salsa, chopped onion and sweet pepper. Then I used my garlic press to add a clove of garlic, followed by a cup of water, an can of enchilada sauce, and finally some chili powder and cumin. I stirred the entire concoction together, put the lid on and set the temperature to low for five hours.

When I served the Slow Cooker Quinoa Enchilada I garnished it with the shredded cheddar cheese and chopped green onions. If you like you could also top it with chopped jalapeño peppers or sour cream. It was really good just served on a plate, but maybe next time I’ll serve it in tortillas.

I’ve got a Crock Pot brand slow cookerand one of the things I like about it is that I can set the heat (low or high) on a timer, then when the timer is done it will operate in a mode that will just keep the food warm. Also, the lid is sealed and it clips in place so you can put it in your trunk without worrying that food is going to spill. My family thinks I’m totally nuts for this one, but I’ve been wanting to make a meal in our crock pot when we go on vacation. What I mean is putting the Crock Pot in the trunk plugged into an AC converter, while we’re driving all day. Maybe I could give it a stir when we stop for breaks. How great would it be to come home after driving all day and have a warm meal ready to eat? Or better yet we can pull into a rest stop and have dinner ready. Tell me what you think about this idea, I’d love to hear it.

Adapted from Chelsea’s Messy Apron

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