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Sloppy Joe

First off I need to say that I never liked the name Sloppy Joe, but I’ve always like eating them. It’s a nice recipe for as weeknight or a party, but I made them the other night when I was cooking for my family and some friends. Another sleepover during winter break.

Sloppy JoeI found a recipe online, from a small food blog, but I really changed it up and made it my own recipe. A lot of people like to use green peppers but I chose to use a yellow and orange peppers, instead. They have a sweeter taste and I think it pairs really well with the other flavors like brown sugar. I also used yellow onions instead of white onion for the same reason.

I started off by browning some ground beef in my cast iron skillet with some olive oil. When it was fully cooked I drained all the oil. Then I added my diced pepper and onion, along with five cloves of garlic that I added with my garlic press. I cooked it for a few minutes until the vegetables began to soften.

The next thing I did was stir in a decent amount of ketchup and brown sugar, along with some water and spices. I used chili powder, mustard powder, salt, pepper, and even some Worcestershire sauce. I’m glad this is a blog and not a video, because I can never pronounce Worcestershire sauce. I let the food simmer for about fifteen minutes, before I served each Sloppy Joe on a homemade hamburger bun. Yes, homemade hamburger buns. I used my Easy Dinner Roll recipe for the Sloppy Joes.

I bought my cast iron skillet to make a German Pancake several years ago. I needed a pan that I would be able to put into a 500F oven. There was no way I was going to put my non-stick frying pan into the oven because it had a plastic handle that I was sure would melt. What I like about the cast iron skillet is that it holds the heat very well (because it’s so thick). The omelets I make in my cast iron skillet turn out really good because I can get a very even heat in the pan. For me I can make an omelet easier in my cast iron skillet than I can in my non-stick pan. Another thing I like is if I’m cooking a piece of meat or potatoes I can cook them on the stove top to get a nice sear, then finish them off in the oven.

Adapted from The Pioneer Woman

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