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Raspberry Danish

I needed to make a breakfast this past Sunday that could be eaten in the car, but also something I could make the night before. My youngest daughter had a gymnastics competition and it was going to be a very busy morning. I decided to make a Raspberry Danish with puff pastry sheets. The outside was light and flaky, and the filling was made with a sweetened Neufchatel cheese (just like cream cheese, but less fat) filling, and raspberry pie filling.

Raspberry DanishAs it turns out, the Raspberry Danish wouldn’t have been the best thing to eat in the car. After I cut the Danish into individual pieces the raspberry filling, that was mixed with the cheese filling was oozing out of the sides of the Danish pieces. Fortunately though, we had plenty of time and were able to sit down and eat.

If I made the Danish into individual pieces from the start, rather than one big sheet, they would have been better suited to eat in the car. I do have a similar pastry recipe that works great in the car, so if you’re interested in that please check out my Easy Breakfast Pastry recipe.

Raspberry DanishI started this recipe on Saturday night. I already had my puff pastry sheets sitting on the counter with the brick of Neufchatel cheese, warming up to room temperature. The puff pastry sheets need to sit out for at least forty-five minutes to become pliable. I started by tossing a decent amount of flour on the counter, then folding out my first sheet of puff pastry dough. I rolled it out just a little bit, so it was about 15 X 10 inches. It doesn’t have to be perfect though.

I transferred the puff pastry dough to a parchment paper covered baking sheet, then put it in the oven for twelve minutes. While the dough was baking I got to work on the cheese filling. I used my hand held mixer to beat the Neufchatel cheese with some sugar until it was fluffy. Then I added an egg and some vanilla extract, then mixed it again with my hand mixer.

Raspberry DanishOnce my first puff pastry sheet was out of the oven I pushed it down just a little bit (I guess there’s a reason it’s called puff pastry), then I spread out the cheese mixture. Then next thing I did was add the raspberry pie filling on top of the cheese mixture. I did my best to spread it out without making a huge mess.

The next step was rolling out the second piece of puff pastry just like the first one, then I laid it on top, covering the raspberry filling and cheese filling like a blanket. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and that’s a good thing because my Danish looked a little rough. I brushed the top of the Danish with milk, then sprinkled it with sugar.

I baked the Danish for about thirty-five minutes, until the top was golden brown. I let it cool over night, because it was time for me to relax. To make the Danish look nice I cut the edges off with a pizza cutter. This is exactly what I did in my Easy Cheese Danish recipe, and something that just gives it a nice clean look. I then used the pizza cutter to cut the Raspberry Danish into a dozen 3 X 3 inch squares.

This is my hand held mixer, the Oster 2577 6-Speed 250-Watt Hand Mixer. If you don’t want to spend the money on a stand up mixer, this is the next best thing. In fact I’ve used this for years and was still able to do all my baking with this hand held mixer. I’ve used it to make whipped cream, ice cream, butter cream frosting, royal icing, ganache, cheesecake, mashed potatoes and all sorts of cakes, brownies, and cookies. Just like my blender, the kids use it and it doesn’t get wrecked. It’s pretty reasonably price too.

This mixer comes with beaters, dough hooks, and whisk attachments, and also has a retractable cord.

Adapted from Real Housemoms

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