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Pasta with Pesto Sauce

My darling wife Natalie is half Italian and she’s got a lot of recipes that have been passed down from her family over the years. This pesto recipe is one of them. Pesto sauce goes over really well in our home because we all like the taste of fresh basil. That along with the saltiness from Parmesan cheese, garlic, and a little acidity from the lemon juice tastes delicious together.

A lot of times pesto sauce is made with pine nuts, but my wife has never used pine nuts in her pesto, so I put it in the recipe as optional. I have a feeling they add more of a texture to the sauce than any flavor.

One of the nice things about this Pasta with Pesto Sauce recipe is that it only takes fifteen minutes to make. I came home from work recently on a day my wife was still at work, so it was my duty to make dinner that night. In the time that it took me to boil a pot of water and cook a pound of angel hair pasta I already had the pesto sauce ready.

Like I said I started out boiling a pot of water. While waiting for the water to boil I took out my blender and added the fresh basil leaves, followed by some olive oil, and grated Parmesan cheese, a little salt. Then I used my garlic press to add two cloves of garlic into the blender.

The final ingredient for me to add was the lemon juice so I sliced a lemon in half and squeezed as much juice as I could into the blender. You’ll need to be careful not to drop any lemon seeds into the blender, so what I was taught to do is squeeze the lemon in my hand with the open side of the lemon facing up. The juice drips out the side and down the outside of the lemon while the seeds stay inside.

If I was using pine nuts, this is when I would add them into the blender. I turned the blender on until the mixture was nice and smooth. That was it, the pesto sauce was ready.

By now the water was boiling and I was ready to cook the angel hair pasta. The nice thing about Angel hair is that it only needs to cook for four to five minutes after the water returns to a boil. When the pasta was done I drained it, served it in a bowl, and then poured the pesto sauce on top. Dinner was served. It was quick, easy & most importantly, delicious!

This is the blender I have, the Black and Decker BL2500S. It has twelve speeds, and an outer shell of stainless steel. I’ve had a couple blenders in the past, but they weren’t as nice as this one. Black and Decker is a trusted name for tools and it has definitely held up. I use it to make pesto-sauce, French crepes pancake batter, pâté and for making Italian ice. Then my kids started making smoothies. I was certain it was going to get broken, but this blender has passed the ultimate test, the kid test. The kids break everything else in the house, but not the blender.

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