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Greek Layer Dip

Greek Layer Dip is a hummus dip with a Greek twist, kind of like a Greek rendition of the taco dip that seems to show up at every party. The Greek Layer Dip has a bottom layer of hummus covered in sliced cucumber, red pepper, Greek olives, topped with feta cheese and fresh dill. I like to serve the dip with pita bread that’s cut into individual pieces. I’ve served it for dinner a couple times, but I think it would be a perfect recipe to bring to a party.

Greek Layer DipGreek Layer Dip is a really easy recipe to make. You can even make it ahead of time, like I did this past Sunday. I put it together right after breakfast, then covered it in plastic wrap and stuck it in the fridge. As the one in my family that does all the cooking on the weekends, it’s a pleasant feeling on Sunday when I know that dinner is already done and we can just sit down and eat when we’re ready.

I started with a layer of hummus in my casserole dish. I thought about making my own hummus, but then just decided to use two cans from the supermarket. The next layer was cucumber, so I peeled, seeded, and finely diced the cucumber; sprinkled it on top of the hummus. I cut the Greek olives, diced the red pepper and scattered that too on the hummus. I finished the dip with feta cheese and some fresh dill that I chopped with my chef’s knife. Finally I quartered some pita bread for something to scoop up the dip with.

This is the chef’s knife set that I use and what I recommend. As far as Chef’s knifes go they can get kind of expensive, but this one is not. This knife not only comes with a vegetable paring knife (that I also use all the time), but a pair of scissors. I use the scissors for making my S’mores Cup dessert and for trimming skin off chicken. The scissors are really sharp!

Adapted from Decor Fix

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