• French Crepes

French Crepes

French Crepes are a thin, delicate pancake derived from France that I’ve made countless times. I have never served them with just a little bit of sugar and lemon which would let the flavor of the actual crepe shine through. It sounds pretty simple, and simple was what I was in the mood for last Sunday morning. It was a busy weekend with each of my children having a performance or competition on Saturday and Sunday, so I was in a simple kind of mood. Simplicity tasted pretty darn delicious!

I knew my wife was going to love the French Crepes. When she was pregnant with our oldest daughter we would go to this restaurant right by our old house, and she would order a Dutch pancake that has about the same flavor of a crepe, served with powdered sugar and lemon. My wife liked it so much that she would order it every time we went to this restaurant.

I think crepe pancakes are easy to make but if you’ve never made them before they may take a little bit of practice. That’s okay though, they don’t have to be perfect. Crepe batter is a very thin batter mixed in a blender, made of flour, eggs, milk, sugar, butter and salt. Once the batter it mixed in the blender it needs to rest for thirty minutes in the refrigerator to improve the flavor and texture.

Once I cooked the crepe pancakes I sprinkled them with a little sugar on top, then a squirt of lemon. I folded the pancakes in half, then in half again so it was a triangle. When I was done with all the French Crepes I gave each of them a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Pretty simple right?

Crepe pancakes are easy to make and I go into greater detail in my Apple Crepe recipe, so if you’ve never made crepes before be sure to read that recipe first.

This is the blender I have, the Black and Decker BL2500S. It has twelve speeds, and an outer shell of stainless steel. I’ve had a couple blenders in the past, but they weren’t as nice as this one. Black and Decker is a trusted name for tools and it has definitely held up. I use it to make Italian Ice, crepe pancake batter, pâté and for making pesto. Then my kids started making smoothies. I was certain it was going to get broken, but this blender has passed the ultimate test, the kid test. The kids break everything else in the house, but not the blender.

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