• Easy Marinade for Steak Chicken or Pork
  • Easy Marinade for Steak Chicken or Pork

Easy Marinade for Steak Chicken or Pork

This is a recipe for a balsamic vinaigrette marinade, something I’ve used for stew meat when making shish kabobs but it can also be used for chicken and pork. I made this marinade for some beef shish kabobs this past weekend. My kids always get excited when they see me putting the marinade together because they love the way it makes the meat so tender. In fact, that’s the real reason I use the marinade. It will add flavor to the meat, but more importantly the salt and acidity from the vinegar break down the muscle tissue, and improve the texture.

Easy Marinade for Steak Chicken or PorkLast week I posted my Garlic Basil Chicken Drumsticks recipe and I mentioned that I don’t always let the chicken marinate as long as I should. With this recipe Easy Marinade for Steak Chicken or Pork, it is really important to let the meat marinate for at least twelve hours if you’re using beef. This is really important and key to having very tender beef shish kabobs. If I was marinating chicken or pork I probably wouldn’t be as concerned.

I started this recipe first thing in the morning at 5:00am, before I even made a pot of coffee. I had the good intention of doing this before I went to sleep, but that didn’t happen. In a small bowl I combined equal amounts of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, along with some brown sugar, a couple garlic cloves that I pressed in, and some salt and pepper. I whisked the ingredients together then added my stew meat, which was already cut into small pieces. I covered the bowl and put it in the refrigerator for about fourteen hours.

Easy Marinade for Steak Chicken or PorkBefore I started my grill I soaked my wooden skewers in water. This will keep them from burning like matches. While the skewers were soaking I cut up some red pepper and Vidalia onions to go with the shish kabobs.

When I was ready to put the food on the skewers I placed the beef on separate skewers than the vegetables. That’s how I like to do it. This way when the meat is done I can take it off the grill and let it rest while the peppers and onions cook a little longer on the grill.

Easy Marinade for Steak Chicken or PorkWhen I was ready I prepped the grill, then put the shish kabobs over direct heat for about five minutes a side until the beef was 145F. The way I check is by using my digital thermometer. This is especially important when cooking chicken or pork. If you’re making chicken shish kabobs, the internal temperature needs to be 165F, and 145F for pork.

My vegetables needed a little more time until they were soft and lightly charred. This works out perfectly, because as I mentioned before, the beef needs about three to five minutes to rest. This will make it juicier and tastier.

I talk about using a thermometer to check the doneness of shish kabobs, but I also use it when cooking pork, chicken, or any other meat. I even use it when I’m roasting a turkey on Christmas. This is the thermometer I use and I’m really happy with it. I’ve used thermometers for years and I like the digital display much more than a dial with the tiny little lines.

I always had a hard time looking at the little lines, and by the time I was able to read it the temperature changed. Another thing I like about this thermometer is that there is a hold button, so I can press that button then pull the thermometer out to look at it without the reading changing. This thermometer is worth the small investment.

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Easy Marinade for Steak Chicken or PorkEasy Marinade for Steak Chicken or PorkEasy Marinade for Steak Chicken or PorkEasy Marinade for Steak Chicken or PorkEasy Marinade for Steak Chicken or PorkEasy Marinade for Steak Chicken or Pork

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