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Easy Cheese Danish

With all the cooking and baking I’ve done in the month of December I didn’t even feel guilty for wanting an easy breakfast recipe for Christmas morning. Especially since I was making our Christmas breakfast at 2:00am the night before, while my wife and I were wrapping presents. I wanted something that was easy and fast enough where I could get to bed before Santa Claus’s sleigh landed on our roof.

Easy Cheese DanishThis Easy Cheese Danish isn’t a recipe just for Christmas morning. You can make this any day of the year, but in our house it’s becoming a Christmas tradition. What attracted me to this recipe in the first place is how it uses pre-made crescent rolls, with a filling made from cream cheese, one egg, sugar, and a splash of vanilla. Wow, that’s simple right? Then it has a simple glaze on top made from powdered sugar, a little milk and vanilla. You don’t need to be a pastry chef to make this Cheese Danish.

The first thing I did with this recipe was lay some parchment paper on a baking sheet. Then I rolled out a sheet of crescent dough right in the center. I did my best to keep the triangles attached, and where they came apart I just pushed the pieces together. I used my Pampered Chef mini-roller to roll the dough out just a little bit, and roll the perforated triangle edges together. I wanted this to be one piece of dough, and as close to a rectangle as I could get.

Easy Cheese DanishThe next thing I did was mix the cream cheese with some sugar, an egg, and vanilla. I already had my cream cheese warming up to room temperature to make it easier to work with. For this step I used my Kitchen Aid stand mixer because it was already out, but a hand held mixer will work just as good. I mixed the ingredients together , then used a spatula to spread the mixture on top of the crescent dough.

The next step was rolling out the second sheet of crescent dough to lay on top of the cream cheese mixture. The trick I use is laying the crescent dough onto a piece of wax paper. I used my Pampered Chef roller again to roll the perforated edges together, then easily placed the dough on top of the cream cheese mixture. That was easy, right?

I brushed the top of the pastry with an egg white, then baked it for about half an hour. While the Easy Cheese Danish was baking I made the glaze. I started with a half cup of powdered sugar, mixed it with a small amount of milk and a splash of vanilla, and my glaze was done.

Easy Cheese DanishI let the danish cool off. It looked a little rough on the edges, but I wasn’t worried. I used my pizza cutter to remove the edges of crescent dough and create a nice clean edge on each side. The last thing I did was transfer the glaze to one of my squirt bottles and drizzled it on top. That’s all it took. It was time to go to bed.

This is my hand held mixer, the Oster 2577 6-Speed 250-Watt Hand Mixer. If you don’t want to spend the money on a stand up mixer, this is the next best thing. In fact I’ve used this for years and was still able to do all my baking with this hand held mixer. I’ve used it to make whipped cream, ice cream, butter cream frosting, royal icing, ganache, cheesecake, mashed potatoes and all sorts of cakes, brownies, and cookies. Just like my blender, the kids use it and it doesn’t get wrecked. It’s pretty reasonably price too.

This mixer comes with beaters, dough hooks, and whisk attachments, and also has a retractable cord.

Adapted from The Adventures of Kitchen Girl

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