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Easy Breakfast Pastries

I like to make a nice breakfast every Sunday. It gives me a chance to sit down, relax and spend some quality time with my family. What’s really nice is my kids like to help me cook, and I really treasure working with my kids putting together a meal. In fact, my kids helped me with most of the recipes on my website.

As a father of two daughters that are in activities, sometimes instead of sitting down to a nice relaxing meal on Sunday we’re up early driving to either a dance competition or a gymnastics meet. The blueberry crescent roll pastry is perfect for these mornings. It’s compact and easy to eat with one hand while driving and it’s delicious. Easy breakfast pastries taste even better when they’re made the night before. That’s great because when we need to leave the house at 7:00am the last thing I need to do is wake up at 5:00am to make breakfast.

I first got this recipe when my wife found it in a magazine and tore the page out for me. It’s Linda Decker’s recipe from kraftfoods.com. I’ve tried a few variations. I’ve made it with strawberries, chocolate chips, and I’ve even made my crescent rolls from scratch. The strawberry variation was decent, but not as good as blueberry. I really like the chocolate chip pastries; the chocolate chips and the cream cheese filling works very well together. The homemade crescent roll version was really tasty, but it took thirty minutes to make the dough and then another hour for the dough to rise.

Now I take pride in making everything from scratch, but there are times when you just don’t have time. Especially when you’ve got a full time job, two kids, a beautiful wife, and a food blog. For the sake of this recipe I’ll assume you’re going to use a can of pre-made crescent rolls.

I have to disclose a warning about the blueberry pastries. Say for instance you’re wearing a white dance uniform, and you bite down just right and your tooth penetrates the skin of the berry, it may burst and squirt blueberry across your shirt. Eat with caution!

Adapted from Linda Decker’s recipe via kraftfoods.com/coffee

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