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Chocolate Cheesecake

My oldest daughter is turning thirteen in less than a week and for her birthday she wanted me to make her a chocolate cheesecake. I found this recipe online and it’s really rich, creamy, and chocolaty. Everything a cheesecake should be and then some, because there’s no baking involved with this cheesecake.

Chocolate CheesecakeThis Chocolate Cheesecake has crust made from chocolate graham crackers that are ground up and mixed with some sugar and melted butter, and then of course pressed into a pan. The filling is made from cream cheese, powdered sugar, melted semisweet chocolate, and a little sour cream and vanilla. I used my Kitchen Aid mixer to make this filling for my cheesecake, but a hand held mixer would also work. In fact every cheesecake I’ve made before has been made with my hand held mixer. When the cheesecake has chilled for several hours the top is dusted with a thin layer of cocoa powder.

I started by making the crust. I used chocolate graham crackers, smashed in a plastic bag, then ground up in my food processor. I mixed them with some sugar and melted butter. Once the ingredients were mixed I poured them into a spring form pan and firmly pressed them into the bottom and up the sides about an inch high.

Chocolate CheesecakeI already had three packages of cream cheese that I left out overnight so it would soften. I placed them into the bowl of my Kitchen Aid mixer along with a cup of powdered sugar. I used my paddle attachment for a couple minutes to cream the ingredients together.

I melted a little less than two big bars of semisweet chocolate, and added it to the cream cheese along with a splash of vanilla and a little sour cream. I again used the paddle mixture to cream all the ingredients together. Once I was done I transferred it to the crust that was already done. I spread it out with a spatula then set it in the refrigerator for four hours to set.

Before I served the cheesecake I carefully removed the spring form pan from the cheesecake. As a final touch I sifted just a little cocoa powder over the top.

This is the Kitchen Aid mixer that I have and I really love it. The mixer comes with three attachments. A dough hook that I have not used yet for mixing and kneading yeast dough, a wire attachment when you need to incorporate air into a mixture like whip cream, meringue cookies, or angel food cake. And finally a paddle attachment for cake, brownies, frosting, and even mashed potatoes.

The Kitchen Aid mixer has a total of ten speed settings from a very slow stir to a very fast whip. This thing is a solid machine and I’ve heard they last a very long time. I was fortunate enough to have a friend that got a free Kitchen Aid mixer and she gave me her old one. If you’re not that fortunate to have one of these just handed to you then click here.

Adapted from Serious Eats, via Yvonne Ruperti

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