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Bananas Foster French Toast

This past Sunday I made one of my wife’s favorite breakfasts. I made Bananas Foster French Toast, which is an overnight French toast served with sliced bananas and chopped pecans on top, then drizzled with syrup.

Because this is an overnight French toast it’s kind of like a casserole that has to be prepared the night before so the bread will have enough time to soak up the egg, milk, and syrup mixture. Eight hours are ideal, but four hours before it’s baked will be long enough.

This overnight French toast only requires ten minutes to put together before it’s refrigerated. How do I know it only takes ten minutes? Because I fell asleep on the couch Saturday night and woke up at 2:50am. By 3:00am I was covering it with aluminum foil and putting it in the refrigerator.

So anyway after a long night of going to see fireworks, then falling asleep on the couch I got started. First I lined an 8 x 8 inch pan with aluminum foil in both directions, making sure to have a couple of inches hanging over the sides of the pan. I do this not only to keep my pan clean but once it’s done baking I can pull the entire French toast out by the aluminum foil on the sides and transfer it to a cutting board. This makes it much easier cutting it into individual pieces, and so much better than digging that first piece out of the pan.

The next thing I did was cut the cinnamon bread into two-inch squares and tossed the pieces into the pan. It doesn’t need to look fancy, just tossed in. The next thing I did was beat the eggs together and mix in the milk and half a cup of syrup with a little cinnamon.

Once my egg mixture was put together I poured it over the bread in the pan. I do my best to try to pour evenly over all of the bread. That was it, I was ready to cover the pan with aluminum foil and put it in the refrigerator.

The next morning when I’m ready to bake the Bananas Foster French Toast I pre-heat the oven to 350F and bake uncovered for about forty minutes, until it’s golden brown along the edges. After it’s done baking I let it cool off for about five minutes.

While the French toast is cooling I slice three bananas, chop my pecans, and mix the remaining cup of syrup with a splash of rum extract. The syrup is served warm, so I microwaved it for a minute or two, stirring it every thirty seconds.

When I’m ready to serve breakfast I cut the French toast into individual pieces, sprinkle some banana slices on top, followed by some chopped pecans, then drizzle a little syrup to finish it off.

Adapted from Betty Crocker

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