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Banana Churro Muffins

Have you ever gone on the internet with a specific task in mind, only to get sidetracked? Well that’s how I stumbled upon this Banana Churro Muffin recipe. I went online Saturday night to find a certain recipe I wanted to make on Sunday, but somehow arrived at this muffin recipe. I love muffins! Especially muffins made with banana.

Banana Churro MuffinsIf you’ve never had a churro before you need to stop reading this recipe and go to your nearest burrito restaurant right now! Churros are a Mexican dessert made of deep fried dough, covered in cinnamon sugar. The outside is slightly crunchy but soft on the inside. I was first introduced to churros when a small Mexican restaurant opened up in my town when I was a kid. I ate there probably five days a week.

These Banana Churro Muffins are a banana muffin with a top that’s dipped in butter, then rolled around in a cinnamon sugar mixture, so the top is just like a churro. A very tasty combination of flavors.

Banana Churro Muffins If I was planning ahead I would have bought some bananas a few days earlier and let them over ripen so they’ll be soft and really sweet. I didn’t have any bananas in the freezer either, which works really nice to save overripe bananas. What I did instead was go to the grocery store first thing Sunday morning and talk to the guy in the produce department. It worked out perfectly because he had a box of bananas that were too ripe to sell, that were going to get thrown out. Brown bananas would have been ideal, but these were ripe enough.

Home from the store, with my family still asleep I was ready to get started on the muffins. This recipe requires two sticks of butter. One for the batter then one for the topping. I melted the first stick in a small saucepan, then added the melted butter to a mixing bowl with a couple eggs and some sugar. I used my potato masher to mash up three ripe bananas, then add them to the mixing bowl.

Banana Churro Muffins In a separate bowl I whisked together some flour, salt, and baking soda. I added my wet ingredients to the bowl with flour mixture, then mixed it just until it was combined. Because I wasn’t using cupcake liners I baked the muffins in the nicer of my two muffin pans. A little cooking spray in each muffin cup and they’ll pop right out when done. I divided the batter up in the muffin pan, then baked them for about twenty minutes.

Fresh out of the oven I dipped the top of each muffin in the second stick of melted butter. Immediately I rolled the buttery top in a mixture of cinnamon sugar that I had in a small mixing bowl. I let the Banana Churro Muffins cool off for a couple minutes before I served them. Not on purpose, but because I had to make a pot of coffee before breakfast. Letting the muffins cool off gave the cinnamon sugar mixture a chance to harden a little bit. That was nice because it gave the muffins a slight crunch like a churro.

If you’re going to bake muffins or cupcakes you’ve got to have a good muffin pan. The nicer of my two muffin pans is a Wilton Muffin Pan with a cover. The cover snaps into place so you can bring cupcakes or muffins to work, a party or even to a cake decorating class. The pan itself is made from a non-stick material and I’ve never had a problem with anything sticking to the pan. Coming from someone who bakes a dozen muffins each week this is a good muffin pan.

Adapted from Alejandra Ramos via The Latin Kitchen

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