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Baked Apple Pancake

Mother’s Day was this past weekend so of course my darling wife got to decide what she wanted for breakfast. Out of all the things I cook my wife decided she wanted a baked apple pancake. This isn’t just a regular pancake with apples (I do that too), but rather the kind you order at a restaurant with the disclaimer saying you’ll have to wait forty-five minutes for it to be ready. The pancake is filled with fresh apples and has kind of a syrupy brown sugar cinnamon glaze on top.

The obvious difference between this pancake and regular pancake is that it’s gigantic and could probably serve six people, and also that it’s baked in the oven instead of fried on a griddle.

I use four Golden Delicious apples that I’ve cored, peeled and sliced really thin. That’s the most tedious part of the recipe, but I like cooking and baking with apples so I don’t mind doing it. I should invest a couple bucks into an apple peeler and corer considering how often I would use it.

I melted an entire of stick of butter in a saucepan and I brushed a thin coating on the inside of the pan I was using. I decided to use a spring form pan, but a regular 9 inch cake pan will work too. I spread out my first layer of apple slices on the bottom of the pan then brushed the top of the apples with melted butter, and then I added another layer of apples and repeated brushing them with melted butter. I had a total of four layers of apple slices when I got done.

I put the spring form pan in the oven for ten minutes to soften the layers of apple slices. While it was baking I got to work on the batter. In a medium sized mixing bowl I beat eight eggs with two cups of heavy cream (I hope my doctor never finds this website), some sugar, vanilla, salt, and of course cinnamon. Then I mixed in one cup of flour, and the batter was done.

By that time, the apples were done baking. I pulled the spring form pan out of the oven and poured the batter over the apples (I had to put the spring form pan on a baking sheet because the batter was leaking out of the bottom). I sprinkled some brown sugar and a little cinnamon over the batter before putting it back in the oven. I baked it for thirty minutes until the top of the pancake was golden brown.

I’ve made this puffed apple pancake several times, and I’ve used several different recipes. Some of the recipes claimed to be ‘the secret’ recipe from a restaurant notorious for these pancakes, but I was always let down. So I came up with my own baked apple pancake recipe.

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