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Bacon Avocado Pizza

Last week I was ready for a new pizza recipe. I make a homemade pizza about once a week, usually my Tomato Basil Pizza and we really like it, but I was just ready for something different. We eat a decent amount of avocados in our house; I like to put them in quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches, so I thought that would be nice on a pizza under a layer of cheese.

Avocado and cheese pizza sounds just weird, so I needed another ingredient. Salty and crunchy bacon not only would taste good with the soft avocado but would be kind of an opposing texture. I thought the avocado and bacon would work well together.

I started out with my Homemade Pizza Crust that is very easy to prepare, and takes only about twenty minutes. Then, I laid it out on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.

I like to cook bacon in the oven because it’s not as messy as frying it on a stove top. There isn’t any grease splattering all over the place, and oil is able to drip off the bacon because It is baked it on a cooling grate. Besides, when I cook bacon in the oven it looks more attractive, and we all eat food with our eyes before we actually taste it.

I put seven slices of bacon on a cooling rack that was put on an aluminum foil lined baking sheet. Then, I put it into a cold oven and set the oven to 400F. I checked the bacon after twelve minutes, but I let it bake for a few more to let it get a little more crisp. I have made bacon in an oven that’s been preheated and it works fine too but I just check it sooner; about eight minutes after I put it in the oven. When the bacon was done, I laid it on some paper towels to soak up some of the grease.

While the bacon was in the oven I cut each avocado in half with a sharp knife, while keeping in mind there’s a big pit in the center kind of like a piece of wood the size of a golf ball. I cut to the pit all the way around the avocado then twisted each half so it will release from the pit. It will be stuck in one half of the avocado. The way I remove it is by carefully striking the pit with a sharp knife then giving it a twist. Usually I’m able to remove the pit on the first try, but sometimes I have to do it again. Be careful not to cut yourself. With the pit removed I used a spoon to scoop the avocado out of the hard skin. Then I just sliced it into quarter inch thick pieces to put on top of the pizza.

I left my oven on after getting done with the bacon, so it was ready to bake the pizza. Putting it together will only take a few minutes after the ingredients are ready. When I make pizza I like to lightly brush some olive oil on top of the crust. This will add some flavor and make the edges of the crust shiny.

I poured the pizza sauce in the center of the crust and spread it out with the back of a spoon, while leaving about half of an inch on the edges without any pizza sauce. Next I laid out the avocado slices on top of the pizza sauce, then repeated with the pieces of bacon. I sprinkled some garlic powder on top, followed by a decent amount of salt.

I scattered the mozzarella cheese and some dried basil leaves on the pizza. I baked the pizza for about twelve minutes until the cheese was melted and golden brown in spots. If you’re from suburban Chicago like me you can just look at a pizza and rely on your instincts to decide if it’s done or not.

My final step was taking the pizza out of the oven and letting it cool off for five minutes before I cut it and served it. The cheese was really hot and will likely burn your mouth if you eat it right out of the oven.

I thought the Bacon Avocado pizza was really good. My wife and one of my daughters really liked it, but my other daughter is just really picky. If this pizza sounds good to you, give it a try, then let me know what you think.

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