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Bacon and Egg on Crescent Dough

Just when you think you know of all the ways to cook an egg, you see another method. You start with two triangles of buttery crescent dough (from a can) that have been pinched together, an egg baked on top with a slice of bacon, finished off with some shredded Parmesan cheese, and fresh basil.

This is a very easy recipe to make, assuming you’re buying your crescent dough from the store. I feel a little weird about that because I like to make everything from scratch.

Bacon and Egg on Crescent DoughThe first thing I did making the Bacon and Egg on Crescent Dough was cook the bacon. I placed a cooling grate on top of a baking sheet to rest the uncooked bacon on. I put it into the cold oven and set the temperature 400F. In about twelve to fifteen minutes the bacon was ready. I didn’t want it to be too crispy because it will be going back in the oven for a second time.

While the bacon was cooking in the oven I lined two more baking sheets with parchment paper, then unrolled two cans of crescent dough. Each can has eight triangles that are still attached to form four rectangles. I flattened out each rectangle of dough and used my fingers to seal the perforations that hold the triangles together. I wanted it to be sealed together so the egg wouldn’t seep out the bottom.

The crescent dough is very malleable, so it’s easy to reshape it into a rectangle. Once that’s done I slightly rolled up the edges, just enough to keep the egg from falling out.

Bacon and Egg on Crescent DoughBy this time my youngest daughter came by wanting to put the eggs on top of the crescent dough. I told her “Go for it Babe, I probably need to check on the bacon.”
Mackenzie added an egg to each piece of dough as I was taking care of the bacon. My bacon technique works really well, letting most of the bacon grease drip onto the pan, so all I needed to do was cut each piece in half with my kitchern shears then place it next to the egg.

I finished it off by adding some fresh basil that I snipped off the plant on my windowsill. Next I Sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top, then gave it a pinch of salt and pepper. My oven was still on from cooking the bacon so I baked the Bacon and Egg on Crescent Dough pieces for about ten minutes until the crescent dough was golden brown.

This is the chef’s knife set that I use and what I recommend. As far as Chef’s knifes go they can get kind of expensive, but this one is not. This knife not only comes with a vegetable paring knife (that I also use all the time) but a pair of scissors, too. I use the scissors for making my S’mores Cup dessert and for trimming skin off chicken. The scissors are really sharp!

Adapted from Tablespoon

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