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Apple Crepes

I was at the grocery store this past Saturday afternoon picking up ingredients for dinner, when I realized that I still need to figure out what to make for breakfast the next morning. I wandered into the clearance section of the produce area like I always do because I like to be frugal and sometimes there’s really good deals to be had. Some time they’ll sell a big bag of jalapeno peppers for a dollar and I’ll buy them and make hot sauce. But this day the grocery store was selling a big bag of apples for half off the normal price. They looked fine so I bought them. I still didn’t know what I was making for breakfast, but I knew it would include apples.

Apples are one of my favorite ingredients to cook and bake with. I can make applesauce; I can cook them in a savory dish like link to pork chops with apples, a side dish like brussel sprouts with apples and bacon, an apple dessert like apple pie, but I think they’re really versatile in breakfast dishes. While I was standing in line at the checkout I decided to make apple crepes.

The filling for this recipe is very simple. It’s just cut up pieces of apple sautéed in apple juice, apple cider, or apple sauce with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar until the apples are nice and soft. The hardest part of making the filling is peeling and cutting the apples.

The crepes are really easy to make. I’m embarrassed to write this but I used to buy pre made crepes at the store. Then I decided one Sunday that I was going to make my own crepes. I realized that they’re simple to make. The batter is a really thin pancake batter. Crepe batter is best mixed in a blender so it has a really smooth consistency like heavy cream. I started by mixing the ingredients together in a medium bowl and then transferring into a blender where I gave It a final mix for about thirty seconds. I’ve done it without a blender too and just whisked the batter very well in a mixing bowl. The next step is to let the crepe batter rest so that all of the bubbles will dissipate. Fifteen minutes will probably be enough time, but half an hour will be even better. When I make crepes, making the batter is usually the first thing I’ll do so it can rest while I’m preparing other food.

Cooking the crepe pancakes is going to require a pan that’s evenly heated, and one that you’ll have to lift and move in a circular motion so that the batter spreads out evenly. I usually prefer to cook with my cast iron skillet, but for crepes l always choose my nonstick skillet because it’s not as heavy. In order to get the pan evenly heated I put it over a medium heat for at least five minutes.

When I’m ready to make the crepes I spread a little pat of butter evenly in the pan, then take about a 1/4 cup of batter and pour it into the hot pan. Immediately lift the pan and move it in a circular motion so that the batter spreads out evenly, then cook for 30-45 seconds. These things are going to cook really quick. Flip it over with a spatula and let it cook for another 30 seconds, then lay it on a cookie sheet or cutting board to cool. I use pieces of wax paper between crepes so they don’t stick together. Then re-apply butter to the pan as necessary.

Putting the crepes together is the final step of this recipe; I find that it’s easiest to do on the plate I’ll be serving it on. I just spread some apple filling on the center of a crepe and roll it up. I decided to put a dollop of whip cream on top of each crepe, so I ‘whipped some up’ with a cup of heavy cream, a couple tablespoons of powdered sugar, and a little cinnamon.

The recipe I had gave me enough apple filling for eight crepes. That’s just enough for my family, but next time I make apple crepes I’m going to double the amount of apple filling. Then I’ll have enough to put some on top of each crepe or just make more because the recipe gave me thirteen crepes

This is the blender I have, the Black and Decker BL2500S. It has twelve speeds, and an outer shell of stainless steel. I’ve had a couple blenders in the past, but they weren’t as nice as this one. Black and Decker is a trusted name for tools and it has definitely held up. I use it to make Italian ice, French crepes pancake batter, pâté and for making pesto-sauce. Then my kids started making smoothies. I was certain it was going to get broken, but this blender has passed the ultimate test, the kid test. The kids break everything else in the house, but not the blender.

Adapted from Allyou.com

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