Infuser Water Bottle Recipes

You may be wondering right now, what the heck is an Infuser Water Bottle? Or maybe you’ve got one in your hand and you’re looking for drink recipes that are delicious and very refreshing; much healthier than some sugary, high calorie drink. Well, you’re in the right place!

So what is an Infuser Water Bottle? It is a regular hard plastic water bottle with an internal basket or strainer that holds fruit, vegetables, herbs, even tea bags. How it works is simple. Add your favorite fresh fruit, herbs or vegetables to the inside basket, then add water. You can put the bottle in the fridge for a couple hours to really get a lot of flavor or drink immediately. The longer it steeps the more flavor you’ll have.

Infuser Water BottleI mentioned vegetables, and yes you read that correctly. The only vegetable I’ve tried or heard of is cucumber. You might be thinking that technically cucumbers are a fruit. I know, my oldest daughter reminded me. But cucumbers will always be a vegetable in my book. If you think cucumber water sounds weird try it with a few mint leaves. I thought it sounded strange at first too, but it’s really tasty.

A note about using cucumber in infuser water bottles; they should be peeled and they work best if you can cut them so they won’t have seeds. The cucumber seeds aren’t a big deal, but they can escape through the strainer and end up in your water.

Does this infused water sound good? I just happen to be selling Infuser Water Bottles! My bottles are dishwasher safe (I suggest putting them on the top shelf), and made of the very durable Triton plastic. Each bottle is BPA/EA-free and has a wide mouth, easy twist lid. CLICK HERE and you can have one of my Infuser Water Bottles sent to your house. You can pick from four different colors, red, blue, green or black.

So without further adieu here are some Infuser Water Bottle recipes. If you have a recipe that’s not on the list let me know and I can add it.

Infuser Water Recipes

Infuser Water Bottle
Lemon and Lime
Lemon and Mint
Lemon and Basil
Lemon and Blueberry
Lemon and Lavender
lemon and Ginger
Lime and Mint
Orange and Pineapple

Watermelon and Cucumber
Cantaloupe and Watermelon
Cantaloupe and Mint
Cucumber and Lime
Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint
Cucumber and Mint
Cucumber and Rosemary

Strawberry and Basil
Strawberry and Mint
Thyme and Blackberries
Blackberry and Ginger
Cherry and Lime
Mango and Cherry

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